Valentine’s Day Love Coupons – Free Download

Valentine's Day Love Coupons : Free Download - Carrie Meets Martha

I haven’t done a free download in a minute and my older ones’s are some of my most visited posts. You guys seem to really like them, so here is a new just in time for Valentine’s Day!

V-Day gifts should be thoughtful and creative, just like when you were a kid hand-making glittery cards for your classmates! I’m still all about that. I always get Mike a little something or we plan to do something together like see a play or go to a basketball game. But I also try to get a little crafty and gift something that can’t be bought. This year I’m into the idea of “love coupons.” These coupons are filled with little activities and dates that your sweetie can redeem from you at any time. I’ve even left a page of blank ones that you can fill out for more unique or personalized ideas.

Just download the file, print, cut the coupons and assemble the booklet. This project is easy to assemble. Just staple the coupons on one end or punch two holes on one end and tie them with a ribbon or string (that’s the prettier option).

Can you guess which coupon your Valentine will redeem first? I can guarantee Mike will go for the 30 minute massage 3 minutes after receiving these!

Download Your Coupons Here

 Valentine's Day Love Coupons : Free Download - Carrie Meets Martha

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  1. February 16, 2018 / 1:28 pm

    Interesting idea? Would that work if I print it on card paper?

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