10 Valentine’s Day Dates That Won’t Break The Bank

10 Valentine's Day Dates That Won't Break The Bank | Carrie Meets Martha

We all know by now that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday created by retail industries to get us to spend $8 on a pretty card! As true as that is, it doesn’t make it any less fun to celebrate. You should be appreciative of your sweetie everyday, V-day just allows us to do it in a cheesy, flamboyant way. I love a good Valentine’s Day date, but by no means do I ever expect anything too over the top. I prefer creative dates and gifts from the heart that don’t break the bank.

Today I’m sharing 10 awesome, fun, and affordable Valentine’s Day dates so you and your love can enjoy celebrating your relationship.

 Make Heart-Shaped Pizzas

Pizza is one of the cheapest things you can whip up at home. Between dough, sauce, cheese, and maybe a topping or two, you’re looking at spending about $7 a pizza! Most grocery stores sell frozen dough that you can pick some up a day or two before you plan to celebrate. Let the dough defrost in your refrigerator and then it’s ready to go. Have a little competition to see who’s heart-shaped pizza is most Instagram worthy.

Floor Cuddlefest

Sitting on the couch to watch a movie is so…typical. Change things up by throwing a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor. Dim the lights and create some ambiance by lighting several candles all over the room. This little set up is perfect for watching a movie, listening to some slow jams, or just talking over a glass of wine.

“Our First….” Tour

Take a little tour of all of your “firsts” together – where you first met, your first date, your first kiss, the first time you exchanged “I love you’s.” At each stop share your memory of how it all went down. Often men and women have such different viewpoints of how things happened that it can make for a hysterical walk down memory lane.

Romantic Picnic 

If you live somewhere with a warmer climate use it to your advantage and find a scenic spot for a romantic picnic. If you’re like me and you live in the frozen tundra (the northeast) get creative with an indoor picnic! The menu should include a lovely cheese board with fruits, nuts, and charcuterie. As well as some V-day themed deserts, I ‘m a fan of these cookies and these pink sugar cookie bars – yummm!

Board Games In Bed

Board games have become a bit of a lost pastime. They can be so much fun and spark a sexy competitive nature! Grab a few games, put on playlist and have a great time. Being in bed just makes it a little more intimate and cozy. Plus it’s the perfect spot for the loser to give the winner a massage!

At Home Wine & Paint

No you do not need to go to a wine & paint studio to enjoy this activity which has become wildly popular. Canvases are pretty cheap at any mass craft retailer (Michael’s) and so are sets of brushes and paints – you don’t need anything professional to have fun. Select a photo from online for you two to recreate, uncork a few bottles of wine, and let your creativity flow. Who knows, you may discover that one of you is a Picasso prodigy!

Recreate Your First Date

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia?! Especially, when it takes you back to a time when you and your Valentine were just getting to know each other and everything was exciting and new! Try to recreate that first date as best you can – wear similar outfits, go to the same spot, and just relive the moment!

 Brunch  & A Matinee

Meet the new “dinner and a movie” – brunch and a matinee! With evening movie tickets being about $13 a piece and theater snacks costing 50% of your paycheck, dinner and movie can add up fast. Breakfast is a much less expensive meal to eat out and morning/daytime movies can sometimes $4-$5 cheaper, making brunch and a matinee the more budget-friendly date option.

 Exercise Class 

If you’re an active couple that likes getting your blood pumping, working out together is the perfect date. Try taking a new class together that will allow you two to not only bond over the experience, but also practice a healthy lifestyle together. You’ll be able to enjoy that heart-shaped box of chocolate more if you know you worked hard for it!

Spa Date

Spas can be pricey. Thankfully, a little thing called Groupon can help with that. Check out the site and search your area to see what spa locations are offering specials on services like couples massages, or facials. If that doesn’t work for you, you can plan an at home spa night and pamper each other with massages, face masks, and a bubble bath.


What are you and your sweetie doing this Valentine’s Day? Do you have any good budget-friendly date ideas?

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