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It’s time for another addition of Currently Crushing. This is a series I’m trying to do once a month to share my favorites with y’all. If you’re curious, you can check out what I was crushing on last month here. I really enjoy doing the currently crushing post because it gives me the chance to share gems from various topics. I’ll throw out a new TV show I’ve been into or a lipstick that I’ve reapplied over 100 times, or a recipe that I gladly eat the leftovers from, or a great new pair of shoes I can’t stop drooling over. It’s just a fun and frivolous post to kick off the freakin weekend!

Series 1 42MM Apple Watch 

Guys I’m obsessed! Like truly deeply madly obsessed with my Apple Watch. I really didn’t I was going to be this into it, but I am. I’ve become addicted to seeing how many steps I’m getting in and how many calories I’ve burned. Also, I love easily being able see my heart rate during my workouts. The watch syncs with my phone and the watch’s activity app syncs with my MyPlate app which is a huge plus for me. MyPlate allows me to track what I eat in a day so I can count my calories and keep track of my carb, protein, and fat intake. The MyPlate app will automatically deduct burned calories from my Apple Watch’s data, this way I know if I can splurge on a Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie after dinner 😉

Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017

Mike had bought me leopard print Huaraches for Christmas, but they were a little snug and I felt like I didn’t have a ton to wear them with, so I decided to exchange them for a different sneaker. I really needed a pair of gym sneakers, but I usually find them horribly uncomfortable, so I was dreading this shopping trip. After trying on several sneakers (I think the Foot Locker sale associate hated me) I found these Nike Free RNs and I was in awe of how perfect they were. The soles are super cushy and shock absorbing and the tops are made of an awesome stretchy knit fabric. My foot flexes and moves so easily and comfortably in them. I’m currently crushing on these sneakers so hard and I think I’ll be buying it in every color!

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

I’m not sure why I ever stray and paint my nails different colors. Truthfully my heart belongs to Essie’s Ballet Slippers, so this isn’t a currently crushing it’s more of a forever crushing. I do my nails every Monday night while I watch/cringe at The Bachelor and whenever I come back to this color I feel like it’s me who has found their true love (sorry Arie)!  It’s the perfect pale pink verging on a nude neutral. It’s sweet, it’s classic, it goes with absolutely everything – basically it’s a polish every single woman should have in her arsenal. The only downside is you need about three coats to get it opaque, but the positive side to that is that it’s versatile because you can really control your level of opacity.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream 

As I’ve mentioned just shy of a hundred times here, this year I’m dedicated to improving my skin. That means getting serious with my cleansing routine, trying new products and procedures to improve it/ward off aging, and wearing less make up on a regular basis to allow my skin to breathe. I now only wear foundation if I have an important meeting or event, the rest of the time I’m in a BB/CC cream or nothing at all. It has helped tremendously! I picked up the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream and The IT Cosmetics CC Cream around the same time. I like both and both have their own set of pros and cons. However, I find myself reaching for the Maybelline BB cream the most. The coverage is medium and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. I’m not crazy about how limited the product is in shades, but because it’s on the lighter side if your shade is a bit off it’s not a huge deal. Lastly, I feel like it’s much longer wearing than the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and for the under $10 price tag you can’t beat it!

Spin Classes

If you follow along on my adventures via Instagram Stories (@laurienttoal) than you may remember me saying Mike and I had found a new gym and finally broke up with the gym we had been members at since we were like 19. I love our new gym which happens to be a local YMCA. It has an indoor pool, basketball courts, tons of cardio and weight machines and a variety of classes. I’ve been wanting to try spin for a while and I was going to start looking into a studio specifically for that while keeping my old gym membership. This is much more cost effective and convenient for me to be able to do everything in one place. So far I’m loving spin, it’s challenging, but I feel amazing afterwards. They offer a couple different spin classes, my personal favorite being disco spin on Tuesday nights. Disco spin is great is great because it’s dark and there are flashing/strobe lights while you pedal fun music. I’m really looking forward to trying some new classes in the future, Barre is also on my list.


What things are you currently crushing on?


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