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I’m getting close to the Whole 30 finish line. There is officially less than a week left – queue the cheering!  I’m a little nervous about coming off the program, but I feel a little more ready this year (compared to last year) to maintain a healthier style of living. We plan to continue with the paleo plan going forward, still maintaining low carb and sugar intake, just with a fewer rules!

Now that we have the eating thing down pat, we’ve added in exercise. I realized the other day that Mike and I have belonged to the same gym since we were like 19 years old. It was an inexpensive gym without a lot of frills which was great for when we were younger, but it was missing things I needed in a gym as an adult. We decided to check out a local YMCA gym, we really loved it and made the switch. We now have a variety classes, a basketball court, and a pool. I tried out my first spin class and it was awesome. It was really tough, but I felt great afterwards and I’m excited to go again next week! To prepare for our new #gymlife I went shopping and grabbed some essentials…

Gym Gear Haul | Carrie Meets Martha


Sports Bra | Apple WatchTop | Activewear Leggings | Headphones | Water Bottle | Sneakers | Backpack | Yoga Mat | Headband

Every new gym membership should comes with the excuse to buy some new gear right?! It just makes things more exciting! I’ve been wanting a backpack for trips to the gym to carry my things around. I actually scored this Rebecca Minkoff backpack at Marshalls for under $70. I was so excited, that I grabbed it and sprinted towards the  register. Another necessary purchase was a new pair of headphones. I decided to go wireless and so far it’s been great, I love being able to leave my phone in my backpack while I’m moving around. Obviously, you need cute outfits to workout. I love to shop at Old Navy for activewear. Their exercise leggings are so comfy that they feel like PJs and a lot of their tops are made with moisture wicking fabric, plus they’re cute! Also, they have sales often, I got a bunch of tops and bottoms for 50% off the other day.

As far as actual gear to reach my goals, I picked up a yoga mat because a few of the classes I’m interested in taking require you to bring your own. I of course, opted for a hot pink one that is lightweight and will be easy to carry around. One of the most awesome purchases was my Apple Watch! I seriously love this thing. I never thought I would ever be one of those people who tracks their steps. Turns out it’s pretty addicting and I’m totally into it. It tracks steps, heart rate, calories burned, etc. Also, I love that it syncs with my phone and I can change songs on my watch, answer calls, and send texts. It just makes life a little more simple and I’m always here for that!


What are your favorite exercise essentials? Are you more into at-home workouts or going to the gym?


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