DIY Pom Pom Sweater

DIY Pom Pom Sweater | Carrie Meets Martha

Pom poms have been a trend in fashion for the last few seasons now. They were especially popular in the summer as fun embellishments on bags and shoes. They were even adorable on swim cover-ups, and flowy resort wear pieces. Fortunately for everyone that loves a good pom pom, the trend carried over to fall/winter by way of sweaters and cardigans.

I’ve seen so many fabulous pom pom sweaters this season, but every time I check the price tag I just can’t justify the cost for such a “trendy” piece. After months of lusting after pom pom adorned knits I decided to just make my own!

I wanted to share my little fashion DIY with you all so you too can have your own budget-friendly pom pom sweater to stunt in! It’s super easy and truly can be as inexpensive as you want it to be. My pom poms were under $4 on Amazon and my sweater was from last year that I had picked up at  Marshall’s for like $16!

DIY Pom Pom Sweater | Carrie Meets Martha DIY Pom Pom Sweater | Carrie Meets Martha


  • 1 sweater or cardigan
  • 10-12 pom poms, I bought these
  • sewing needle
  • thread that matches your pom poms
  • fabric glue (optional, only necessary if you’re not confident in your stitch)


  1. Lay your garment out flat and use a pen or marker to map out where you want your pom poms. You have full creative control here. You can do the front bodice and sleeves, sleeves only, neckline and sleeve cuffs only. Totally up to you!
  2. Thread your needle, place your pom pom on one of your markers. Start sewing from the inside of sweater, the thread’s knot should unseen. Pull it through the sweater and then the pom pom and then back into it and the sweater. Repeat this like 3 times until you feel it is secure enough, then knot the thread. If you aren’t the best at sewing and aren’t confident with your stitch, grab fabric glue and place a tiny between the pom pom and the sweater to reinforce your sewing.
  3. Repeat step 2 until all the pom poms are sewn onto your garment.
  4. If you used fabric glue allow your garment some drying time. If not, you’re ready to wear!


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