2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals

2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals | Carrie Meets Martha 2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals | Carrie Meets Martha 2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals | Carrie Meets Martha 2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals | Carrie Meets Martha 2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals | Carrie Meets Martha 2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals | Carrie Meets Martha 2018: New Year, New Outfits, New Goals | Carrie Meets Martha

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited for 2108. I love a fresh, new year.  I always joke that New Years is the adult equivalent to a kid’s first day of school. It’s a clean slate and you have the opportunity to set new goals, make changes, and leave the past behind. I’m all about new beginnings, they’re literally my jam!

Not big on resolutions? I try not to use that word anymore. Not because I don’t think it rightfully describes that little list I make at the end of every year (by definition it fits). I try not to use it because sometimes we fail and I think over the years the word resolution has become synonymous with “list of stuff I’ll say I’ll do, but will fail at five days in…” So now I just say goals or objectives. Some goals can be hard to work towards, but two years ago I wrote 5 Tips For Owning Your New Years Resolutions, and I promise it will really help!

It’s kind of become a tradition on this blog that I share some of my personal goals for the new year. Although, it is personal, putting it out there for the world to see makes me more accountable. Plus, I think as humans, we’re naturally curious about the changes that other people may be implanting in their lives or their new objectives.

Complete Another Whole30 Cycle

Mike and I successfully did Whole30 last January and really loved it. It was challenging, but not as hard as we expected it to be. I really liked experimenting in the kitchen with new veggies and dishes. The results were great we each lost 14 lbs. and had way more energy. This time around we know what to expect and we’re excited to get started.

Shed A Few Pounds 

Not going to disclose the exact amount, but this year my major goal is to lose some weight. In the past I felt weird saying that my goal was to lose weight because #bodypositivity, so instead I’d say “be healthier.” What the heck does “be healthier” mean though? That’s subjective and vague and I think in order to achieve a goal we have to be as specific as possible. So although I can love myself at any size or weight, I am able to say “I slay everyday now, but I really enjoyed myself when I looked like this.” For me, that weight/size was where I was on my wedding day.

Make Better Use Of My Time

I was able to take vacation time from work last week and it was much needed. I was suffering from holiday overload and I unintentionally took a break from Carrie Meets Martha and all of my social media. And even though I was battling a cold I found myself to be more productive than ever before. I decided I wanted to start 2018 off on the right foot and clean up the house, ridding the closets and rooms of unnecessary clutter, and organizing every nook and cranny right down to the fridge! In one week I did just that and it feels great to have everything nice and neat. I realized that if I managed my time better and just made better use of my free time that I could literally be an unstoppable force! I’m resolving to use my planner to actually schedule my day hour by hour, so that I can make the best and most effective use of my time. Hopefully this will help me stay on track with my blog, personal affairs, and homemaking responsibilities.

Complete More Projects Around The House

We’ve been in our home for two years now. The first year consisted of like 50 projects, big and small, and 205 trips to the Home Depot. By year two we just wanted enjoy the house and all the work we already put into it. However, if you own a home you know the mysterious scientific law that projects will continue to add up, there’s never not anything to do. We’re ready to start working on some new things and updating some spaces. For example we want to re-do the master bath, do a little DIY reno on the guest bath, tile the kitchen floor, refinish the deck, replace the fence, and wall paper the statement wall in the dinning room. There is also a ton of little projects to do like touch up paint and change out a light fixture or two.

Budgeted Spending

It’s no secret. I shop…kind of a lot. I mean I’m a fashion, so it’s inevitable. However, since I’ll be working on losing weight theres no sense in buying tons of clothes that may or not may not fit in a few months time. Also, mike and I are hoping to do some traveling this year, so to help fund our adventures something has got to go! I haven’t quite worked out the logistics of my new budget. It might be something like I’m allowed one shopping trip month with an $xx amount limit.


  1. January 3, 2018 / 3:19 am

    Loving the all black, get it girl. Cheers to 2018 goals!

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