Best Ways To Pamper Yourself During The Holidays

Best Ways To Pamper Yourself During The Holidays | Carrie Meets MarthaBest Ways To Pamper Yourself During The Holidays | Carrie Meets Martha Best Ways To Pamper Yourself During The Holidays | Carrie Meets Martha Best Ways To Pamper Yourself During The Holidays | Carrie Meets Martha

We’re only about a week into December and I know people are already starting to feel the holiday chaos kick in. The constant tug of war between wanting to be productive and wanting to slow down, relax,  and enjoy the season. I’m already hearing  friends say, “last week at my company’s holiday party…” and I’m like excuse me, last week was November,  but it’s happening! The holidays start earlier and earlier each year and they also seem to get busier and busier, leaving us with less time to truly enjoy them. And if we’re all being honest, they can also leave us feeling a little burnt out. Holiday burn out is super important to avoid and you have to take measures to keep it at bay. Luckily for you, I’ve been there and I’ve figured out how to banish those busy holiday blues.

The key to keeping your joyful glow during the month of December is to treat yo self! It’s my motto y’all and somehow it’s literally always applicable. But seriously you have to set aside time to do little things that make you happy, soothe you, help you to relax, and look your best. You might not have time everyday to turn your bathroom into a spa, but the little things help too. For example, just curling up with a cup of cocoa or coffee and reading a few pages of a good book can feel indulgent and soul fulfilling.

So let’s get into the best ways to pamper yourself during the holidays…Oh and don’t forget to turn your phone to do not disturb mode aka pamper mode during any of this activities. Pamper time is just for you and should be uninterrupted!

Give Yourself A Manicure

For me, an at home manicure is the fastest way for me to feel pulled together. When my life is chaotic and my nails are a mess, I fold like a chair under the pressure. But once I have a fresh mani, I’m ready to take on the world. I find nail salons painfully boring, so I just do my own at home and have gotten pretty good at it. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long week. I pour a glass of wine,  put some Vanderpump Rules on, and get to painting. It doesn’t take very long at all and the best part is that you’re forced to relax and do nothing until your nails dry. You’ll feel shiny and new once you’re done and you’ll be ready to dominate the holidays again.

Do A Face Mask

No part of a beauty routine is quite as indulgent as doing a face mask at home. Skincare masks are so popular right now that there are literally millions for you to try out. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m just getting into sheet masks and I love how mess-free they are. Masks are both relaxing and wonderful for your skin, so everyone wins here. I know for me at least the holidays means I’m almost constantly made up with all my heavier, full coverage, long lasting products. My skin gets dry, pores get clogged, and I find myself breaking out a ton. Face masks help combat all the aliments of bad holiday skin. There are some great mask options at Sephora and Ulta, but I’ve also really liked  several drugstore masks. My favorite at home masks are this one and this one.

Take A Hot Bath

Nothing eases sore shopping muscles and melts your troubles away like a hot bath. I’m not a huge “bath” person, but every now and then it’s a nice way to unwind. Just light a candle or two in the bathroom, add your favorite bath bomb, essential oil, or bubble soup and you have an instant spa. Schedule yourself at least 30 minutes to enjoy your bath in peace. Bonus points if you you’re doing a nourishing hair treatment at the same time. Bonus bonus points if there is wine involved!

Get A Massage

I’m a massage enthusiast. I love them. They’re just so relaxing and you feel brand new after a good one. You carry around more tension and knots than you probably even realize. After a year of stress and a busy holiday season you are long over due to have those knots kneaded out of your body. I definitely recommend making an appointment for a massage even if it’s just for a 30 minute session. I actually prefer shorter sessions because they’re affordable and I feel rejuvenated and able to take on the day afterwords. Everyone’s budget is a little tighter this is time of year, so check sites like Groupon to get a good deals. And if your budget isn’t set up for spa visit, try bribing your boyfriend or husband to pamper you ;).

Read A Book

Self-care comes in many forms.  Sometimes nourishing your mind and soul is just what you need to recharge. As much as I love bad reality TV, theres something about curling up with a book and exercising your intellect that feels more indulgent and relaxing than watching TV. The book doesn’t need to be anything too deep, heck it can be a magazine if you prefer visuals over reading. I love a good thriller or love story, but sometimes I take a break and read a something that’s more fun usually very sarcastic and witty. This way it’s light and not too hard to put down when bed time rolls around.


Don’t have time to pamper yourself with a mani or a bath? No problem – meditate instead. I started doing meditations a few years ago and they have really helped me to reduce my stress and anxiety. I also sleep 100x better when I meditate before bed. Now, I’m no pro, as a matter of fact I use guided meditations that I find on Youtube. Just grab some headphones, find a meditation video you like, and lay down. There are various lengths meditation videos, some are longer and others are much shorter. Pick whatever you have the time for an go for it. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re going to be amazed at how much lighter and less anxious you feel after series of cleansing deep breaths.

Get An Extra Hour Of Sleep

What’s the most effortless way to pamper yourself you ask? Get to bed earlier! Sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing. There’s a lot going on this time of year and most likely (because we all think we’re super woman) you’ve over committed yourself. Manicures will make you feel prettier and meditation will help you to feel more at peace, but sleep is also hugely important. Give yourself some uninterrupted time between the sheets. Make the experience feel as luxurious as possible. Throw some new or freshly washed sheets on the bed, spritz some calming lavender essential oil on your pillows, and change into your comfiest PJs!

Buy Yourself A Gift

Obviously the holiday season is all about giving. Whether it’s giving your time to help others or giving thoughtful gifts to loved ones, we tend to give to everyone except ourselves. I’m a firm believer in gifting yourself something too. When I’m out shopping for everyone on my list if I see something I  like for myself (and it’s within my budget) I get it. It’s usually something small like a pair of cute statement earrings. However, if theres been something I’ve had my eye on and it’s finally on sale…I don’t hesitate! I don’t go as far as wrapping my presents to myself, but I totally wouldn’t judge you if you wanted to! You work hard and your worth it, so gift yourself something that will make you smile throughout the holidays!


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