25 Days Of Holiday Dates Designed To Bring You Closer

25 Days Of Holiday Dates Designed To Bring You Closer | Carrie Meets Martha

The holidays are a magical time of year! However, they can also be a super stressful time of year. Rushing around to holiday parties, shopping for everyone on your list, and figuring out where you’ll be spending Christmas Eve & Day can really burn out you and your relationship. But this truly is the perfect time of time of year to set some time aside, focus on each other, and let that holiday magic do some work…with a little help from me of course! Both of my 30 Day Relationship Challenges [1 & 2] were so popular with y’all, that I decided to create a special 25 Days of Holiday Dates as a fun and romantic countdown to Christmas!

The important part of this whole exercise is that you spend quality time together with no distractions. The activity itself matters much less that just adds some fun into the mix. I tried to keep the dates as regionally universal as possible. So no build a snowman dates here, pretty sure they don’t get much snow in Florida ;)! Also, life happens, so if something comes up and you can’t do that day’s date, don’t worry about it! Instead block out 30 minutes to an hour to do something together. Even if it’s just talking over a cup of coffee on the couch at the end or start of the day. The little actives and gestures make a huge difference. The goal is to strengthen your relationship and keep the conversation and attraction going. Your first date is tonight, so you better get to work!

Lastly, please pin this post as well as share it with all your friends in relationships so they can get in on the dating action too! Who knows maybe you can even turn some of these holiday dates in double dates. I think a holiday happy hour with another couple sounds super fun!


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