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The Bite Lip Lab has been on my must-visit list for a while now. I tried to get an appointment last year around my birthday and they was nothing available on a weekend until like end of December. So when Mike and I decided to head to NY furor anniversary/early bday celebration…the first call I made was to the Lip Lab! I was able to get an early Saturday morning appointment and a great lipstick technician.

The Bite Lip Lab has two different options for making making your own lipstick. The first is the Customer Lipstick package, it’s the more basic option. This one allows you to choose a pre-made pigment and then customize the finish and flavor. The other option is the Bespoke package, it allows more customization. You tell your tech what color you’re looking for and they will mix a few pigments together to try and create your perfect shade. You’ll go back and fourth until everything is just right, then you choose the finish and flavor.

I choose the Bespoke option and made two lipsticks. I opted for a nude and a deep raspberry.  The nude is really a perfectly wearable shade and I went for a matte finish, with vanilla flavor. It only took one edit to get it perfect. I absolutely love it. For the raspberry lipstick, I went with the semi-matte and a vanilla lime flavor. This one two took renditions to get it right. The first was too bright then my tech dialed it back and added deeper tones – enter the perfect fall/winter shade. When you pick the Bespoke package they gift you a lip scrub, primer, and conditioner. Honestly, it’s a great perk and they’re all full-size products. They keep your lipstick details on file so that you can call in and reorder any of the shades you’ve made. Also, friends who love your lipstick can order your creations for themselves by giving your name.

 I highly recommend doing the the Bespoke over the Custom Lipstick. Picking a pre-made pigment is really just like going to Sephora and getting a new lipstick. Getting to mix the pigments is the really exciting part and gives you a totally custom lipstick that no one else has. Overall, I think the Bite Lip Lab is a great activity for a girls day or a bachelorette party. I also recommend making your appointment about a month and a half in advance if you want a weekend appointment. Go with a good idea of what shades you want and be able to describe them in as much detail as possible so your lip tech can mix your lipstick shade accurately.

What color lipstick would you create at the Bite Lip Lab


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