Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide

Between Broadway shows, endless amounts of restaurants, and museums galore – there are literally a million and one things to do in Manhattan. It’s not possible to be bored there, but let’s say somehow you managed to do all million and one things in one trip…by your next visit everything would have changed and you’d have to start all over again! That’s why I love NYC. It’s always changing and evolving.

Being a quick hour train ride from the city has its perks. It’s easy to pop in for the day, or just to attend an event. But with that being said the downside is that I’ve never once thought to make a getaway out of a trip to Manhattan. So, when Mike and I were deciding where we should spend our anniversary weekend, we figured it was the perfect time to actually spend frivolous time in the city. We Explored, partook in some touristy attractions, and ate/drank just about everything in sight. Today I’m breaking down our weekend trip to Manhattan. Hopefully, it will lend some inspiration for your next trip to the city that never sleeps!

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Friday, 1:00PM – Brunch at Sarabeth’s, Central Park South Location

Sarabeth’s is one of those locations right outside of Central Park that has cute sidewalk seating. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a glass of prosecco while people watching until your heart’s content! So much good fashion walking around in this area, so if you go when it’s warm enough to sit outside do so. The inside is charming and just as cute. The service is excellent and the food is delicious, you won’t be disappointed dinning here.

Must Try: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Short Rib Hash

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Friday, 2:30PM – Shopping on 5th Avenue

During my college years, I was on 5th Ave all the time for classes. I would walk passed Cartier and Gucci almost daily and dream of the day when I was no longer a poor college student and I could shop there! Mike and I worked really hard to make this trip special so we splurged a bit. Even if you’re not planning on shopping, if you’re a lover of fashion you should browse the stores on 5th Ave. The stores are so beautifully decorated and the product visuals are simply the best.

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Friday, 4:00PM – Check Into Dream Hotel Midtown

The Dream Hotel is more on the boutique side when it comes to sizing, but it was very visually appealing. the rooms were a bit small, but I expect that in the city, however the bathroom was pretty large for a hotel – it was a nice surprise! Mike claims their bed was the most comfortable bed he has ever slept in, I think it was definitely up there. Also, the hotel is in a great location because it is close to pretty much everything you’d want to do in Midtown. We walked to most things and when we took an Uber were never more than a few minutes from our destination.

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Friday, 5:00PM – Top Of The Rock

My parents are from NY so, in all my visits I never really did anything too touristy. But being with Mike and celebrating our anniversary felt like good cause to be a bit cheesy. Our trip to the top of the rock was fun and the 360 degree views of the city were amazing! I’ve only seen those views in pictures and movies, so it was beautiful to see it first hand.

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Friday, 8:00PM – Dinner At Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano is a Mexican restaurant with gorgeous modern decor and sexy dim lighting. The waiters were super attentive and personable even though the restaurant was packed. The guacamole is made tableside and the portions of food are pretty large – I would say well worth prices. Mike told them we were there celebrating my birthday (early) and they brought out a giant hunk of tres leche cake that I literally died over it was so good!

Must Try: Guacamole, Tres Leche Cake

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Saturday, 10:00AM – Bite Beauty Lip Lab

About a year and half ago I found out that Bite Beauty had a lip “lab” in NYC where you could make custom lipsticks. What girl doesn’t want to curate her own lipstick?! When I tried to go last year for my birthday it was impossible to get a weekend appointment. This year I managed to get the very first appointment of the day. I liked being their early because it was quiet and the appointment felt relaxed and not rushed at all. Overall it was fun and I really enjoyed myself. I would totally recommend this for a small group of girlfriends to do on a girls trip or bachelorette party. I’ll be sharing more details about the Bite Beauty Lab next week!

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Saturday, 11:15AM – Brunch At While We Were Young

I discovered this restaurant on Instagram several months ago and have had my mind set on visiting it ever since. It’s quite possibly one of the most instagramable restaurants around and us millennials can’t help but to be drawn to the marble surfaces, bush pink floweral arrangements, and fancy avocado toast. The restaurant is literally tiny there are a few tables along one of the walls which a good for parties of 2 to 4. Then there is bar seating and counter seating along the front windows and back wall. We got there just in time to grab two seats at the bar, but once it opens While We Were Young fills up fast!

Must Try: While We Were Young Cocktail, Chicken & Waffles

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Saturday, 12:30PM – Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

I’m a big Sex And The City fan! I started watching the show long before I was probably allowed to. I never focused on the relationship aspect much I really just loved the fashion and the way Carrie ran about New York City looking for the best cosmopolitan. Basically, I dreamed of being her one day! While I was checking Google Maps to see how far While We Were Young was from the Bite Beauty Lab, I noticed a little icon that said Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. This was my chance to pretend to be Carrie – obvi I had to check it out! It’s owned by a family who now has to deal with annoying fans like myself taking pictures of their front door!

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Saturday, 1:00PM – Walk Through Central Park

We were on our way to the Central Park Zoo, but when we got to the park there were so many other awesome things happening that we decided to just walk around and take it in. We explored for a few hours one of my favorite parts was a wonderful acapella  group singing in a little tunnel. They were so good and drew a pretty large crowd. The group was singing Mike and I’s wedding song so we got a little sentimental. Of course we couldn’t leave without stopping on a bench to eat hot dogs from a cart in the park. Sounds gross, but if you don’t eat a dirty water dog while in New York, were you really ever there?

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Saturday, 4:00PM – Rooftop Drinks At PH-D

PH-D is a lounge attached to the Dream Hotel. There is a wonderful little rooftop bar there with plenty or bar space, seats and couches to hang out on. Because it was early and bit overcast that day the rooftop wasn’t packed, so it was nice and relaxing. I loved this place for a before dinner drink and appetizer. Although not really my scene, PH-D becomes more of a night club in the evening and I’m sure its a good time.

Manhattan Weekend Getaway Guide | To The Altar & After

Saturday, 8:00PM – Dinner At STK

STK may have been the highlight of our trip! Imagine your favorite steakhouse and your favorite lounge had a baby. That baby would be STK. Modern, sleek, and luxe are the three words that come to mind when describing the decor. It’s dimly lit and the DJ literally plays all the jams. I found it incredibly hard not to get out of my seat and dance! The food was wonderful, but honestly even if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have notice because we were having too much fun! Everyone was having such a good time that the positive vibes were contagious.

Must Try: A Sirloin with Mac & Cheese


  1. Lisa Briguglio
    October 26, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    Sounds like a great weekend Nice to hear all the details and it’s great that it was,so well planned

  2. October 27, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    Ugh this has me wanting to go back to NYC so bad! Love this little itinerary!

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    • October 29, 2017 / 4:13 pm

      NYC is always a good idea! 😉

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