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I’m a list maker by nature – it’s what I do! I will seriously look for any reason to sit and make a list, so when I came across this mega list on Katey McFarlane’s blog Chronicles of Frivolity, I was stoked to give it a try. The rules of this challenge are simple, just try and complete all 101 tasks in the next 1001 days! Easy, right?! I’m actually really excited to start crossing things off the list and finally experience some new things. I will link this post as a page to the blog above so you can check back and see my progress over the next 1001 days. As I go I’ll be crossing them off and adding the date of when I completed them. I hope that by taking on this challenge I will inspire you to do the same in your life. Now let’s get this party started!

Start Date: June 18, 2015

Finish Date: March 15, 2018


1. Marry the love of my life – Mike of course!!! 10/2/2015

2. Finish our premarital e-course. 9/30/2015

3. Finish all of our wedding planning tasks. 9/30/2015

4. Find a new church.

5. Keep a list of 3 things I’m thankful for daily for a month.

6. Send our wedding thank you cards less than 6 months after the wedding. 3/28/16

7. Frame our wedding photos. 5/2/2016

8. Change my last name to my married name on all documents. May 2016

9. Read 3 new books.

  1. At Home With Cupcakes & Cashmere
  2. Homemakers by Brit Morin
  3. The Year of Cozy

10. Get a wedding tattoo with Mike.

11. Print out all my favorite photos of family and friends.

12. Make friends with another couple. 12/18/2015

13. Have a romantic date at home. 3/19/2016 (pillow fort movie night)

14. Donate money to help animal rescue. 7/29/2017

15. Start a small side business.

16. Buy myself an investment bag. 4/2016


17. Eliminate white carbs from my diet for one week. Completed Whole30 Feb. 2017

18. Get back into running.

19. Lose 10 lbs. After completion of Whole30 Feb. 2017


20. Buy our first home. 8/31/2015

21. Make the laundry room/closet a pretty/functional space. 2/20/2016

22. Fully decorate our new home.

23. Send out first ever Christmas card. 12/10/2015

24. Buy gold flatware.

25. Have a painting/drawing of Brody & Mia made.

26. Invest in a large dutch oven. gifted to me 8/23/2015

27. Makeover master bathroom. 12/5/2015

28. Renovate our kitchen (we don’t even have a kitchen yet, but I know once we do-I’ll hate it). 11/21/2015

29. build an outdoor patio space. 5/22/2016


30. Host a brunch. 3/6/2016

31. Host a BBQ for friends. August 2016

32. Host a wine pairing party.

33. Host a holiday. Thanksgiving 2015

34. Host a game night.

35. Host a friend for a little Bachelor or Bachelorette viewing party.


36. Make coffee in a French press. 5/7/2017

37. Learn how to make 5 new fancy cocktails.

  1. Purple Haze Martini
  2. Summer Sangria
  3. Moscow Mule 

38. Learn how to make my Grandmother’s rice recipe.

39. Visit 3 Diners, Drive-ins, and Dive locations.

40. Eat at While We Were Young in NYC.

41. Learn how to make my own pasta sauce from scratch. 2/1/2016 Sunday Meat Sauce Recipe

42. Try a different wine under $15 every weekend for a month. March 2016

43. Make the perfect guacamole.

44. Bake a doughnut recipe. 10/31/2015

45. Try 10 new restaurants in the area of our new home.

  1. Nunzio’s Kitchen
  2. Happy Garden
  3. Just
  4. Lam’s New Garden (our new Chinese spot)
  5. Gusto Grill

46. Learn how to bake sugar cookies with royal icing.


47. Take a wine and paint class.

48. Go on a beer tasting with Mike.

49. Go to the Bronx Zoo.

50. Go on a winery tour and tasting. 9/19/2015

51. Visit the Museum of Natural History with Mike. 1/9/2016

52. Take a hike.

53. Go on a picnic. 7/2/2016

54. Go to a food festival. 5/2017

55. Go kayaking or canoeing on the lake.

56. Hit golfballs at the driving range.

57. Go to a Yankee v. Red Socks game. 7/16/16

58. See a new Broadway play.

59. Spend a weekend with my nephew. 7/22/2017

60. See 4 new movies in the theaters.

  • Jungle Book – 4/21/16
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – 11/25/2016
  • Hidden Figures – 1/22/17
  • Despicable Me 3 (with my nephew) – 7/22/2017


61. Go on a honeymoon. 10/14/2015

62. Have a staycation. 2/18/2017 Molly Pitcher Inn

63. Take a weekend trip to Washington DC. 7/29/2016 – 7/31/2016

64. Take a trip to Miami.

65. Take a girls weekend trip. Bachelorette Weekend 9/18/15 – 9/20/15

66. Vaca in New Orleans.

67. Go camping.

68. Spend the day exploring Philadelphia. 8/2/2015

69. Take a mini trip with my Mom.

70. Go on a winter weekend getaway. Poconos, PA 12/2016


71. Learn how to coupon.

72. Put together a household budget. 2016 – monthly

73. Save $10 for every goal completed.


74. Get To The Altar + After back on a routine schedule. Monday & Thursday posting

75. Post to Twitter daily for a month.

76. Start a new blog series about home reno/diy/decor. 12/3/2015

77. Learn more about SEO and growing a blog’s readership.

78. Photograph our home’s “before” and share it on the blog. 9/21/2015

79. Do a giveaway on the blog.

80. Attend a blogging seminar/event.

81. Make a blogging friend. 7/2017

82. Create a new 30 day relationship challenge post for the blog. 4/4/2016 See the  *NEW* 30 Day Relationship Challenge

83. Invest in business cards for the blog. 1/29/2016

84. Blog 3 new DIY projects

  1. Wood Burned Cutting Boards


85. Organize my Pinterest recipes into more specific boards. 7/29/2015

86. Organize my closet by style and color. read the post  – 3/2017

87. Create a household cleaning schedule and stick to it for a month. December 2015

88. Organize every room in our home. 4/2017

89. Make the bed every morning for a month – I’m the worst at remembering to make the bed y’all.

90. Set up separate email addresses for my personal, shopping, and blog emails. 6/22/2015

91. Deep clean and organize my car/trunk. 8/14/15

92. Keep an address book of all family and friends.


93. Scrapbook my engagement with Mike – from “yes” to “I do” and all the wedding events in between.

94. Make DIY wall art for the new house.

95. Paint my wine rack. 11/21/2015

96. Make Mike an “I love you because…” book.


97. Create a stockpile of greeting cards for birthdays, sympathy, showers, etc. to have on hand for emergencies.

98. Subscribe to 3 of my favorite magazines. 9/27/15 Good Housekeeping, Food Network Magazine, & HGTV Magazine

99. Send a gift in the mail. 12/22/2015

100. Binge watch an entire TV series available on Netflix with Mike. 3/11/2016 – New Girl

101. Inspire someone else to make a list (if that’s you leave me a comment so I can cross it off!)  6/19/15 – Kelsey of Modern Martha


  1. June 19, 2015 / 2:26 pm

    I love this idea. Time passes so quickly, and this is a great way to make sure you’re making the most of it all and doing the things you want/need to do. I think I shall make a list too (you can cross 101 off!).

  2. March 23, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    HEY! i stumbled on your blog via the wedding registry check list and was SO EXCITED to peruse your blog – i LOOOVE it. i have a 101 in 1001 as well and one of the things on my list is to help someone cross something off their 101 list! would you like to co-host a giveaway?! just an idea! have a great day ;D

    • March 27, 2017 / 12:25 am

      Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by! I took a peek at your blog and love the content. Congrats on your recent engagement, so exciting! I’d love to co-host something with you. Send me an email at tothealtarandafter@gmail.com and we can go over what you had in mind!

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